Darrell Goodman
Darrell Goodman performing at Toronto's Linsmore Tavern in 2019

I've been playing bass for over 40 years. I have great instincts and great chops. I compose strong and effective bass lines.

I'm available for session work and gigs in and around Toronto.

Give me a shout if you would like some help with your low end.


Unless otherwise noted, all songs written, performed, mixed and mastered by Darrell Goodman.

Fear of Meat
Music by Darrell Goodman, Jono Grant, Jon Grant.
Jono Grant - guitar
Jon Grant - guitar
Darrell Goodman - bass, guitar, synth, "drums".
Mastered by Jono Grant.
How Do You Thank Someone
Darrell Goodman performing at the Hideout in Toronto in 2019
Darrell Goodman peforming with Eclecticus at Mavrick's in Barrie in 2019

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The Oracy

All songs written by Greg Block.

Ryan Abramowitz - drums
Greg Block - guitar
Lowell Dubin - sax
Darrell Goodman - bass
Amanda Zellina - vocals
Siamese Soldiers
Life of Hip Hop
Darrell Goodman performing at the Reverb in Toronto circa 2003