My name is Darrell Goodman, and I am a bassist and web developer in Toronto. There is more to me than that, of course -- after all, every life is an entire universe of dreams and fears and loves and hates -- but surprisingly little, and nothing a decent person would find interesting. So I'm keeping it simple.

Still, like most personal websites, mine entertains some rather grandiose delusions. Over the ages, this site will evolve from a somewhat uninteresting discussion of things I like into an engaging, interactive playground and font of information for all my visitors.

In the meantime, I like to play bass and write Web code.

Thanks for visiting. Feel free to drop me a line.



I'm in a terrific band called Eclecticus. All original hard/classic rock with a hint of punk/punkabilly. Tiina LeMay and Gar Reid write our songs and sing and play guitar, Jono Grant provides lead guitar and also arranges and produces, while Chris Ross and I make up the rhythm section.

You can check us out in more detail here:

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Here's the official Eclecticus video for Busted, which appears on the album So Illogical.

The Oracy

I used to play with a band called The Oracy.


I use the usual Laravel PHP Jquery Ajax MySQL/Maria Sass stack. I'm completely self-taught and therefore constantly trying to learn stuff I didn't even know I'd have to know, which currently include:

I spent the first 10 years of what we'll call my "development career" at Sabre Insurance Group, where I built their public facing site as well as an extensive set of tools for brokers, clients, plan administrators, and internal administrators. Since it is a proprietary site, and since they divested that business, I cannot link to it here, so you'll just have to take my word for it. I'm working on a mockup that wouldn't violate any confidences and will put it up eventually.

I'm well suited to small-to-medium sized projects such as the following:

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Want to hire me? Maybe insult, question, or lavish me with praise? Now's your chance. Email me at dg@darrellgoodman.com and I'll get back to you asap!